About Us



About NourSoft

Noursoft is a leading company supplier of software solutions for  libraries and information centers. The company main product, LibSys.net, is a market leader in the Arab World in the field of library automation with over 12 years experience in this field.


More Facts

  • Noursoft has recently announced a new product: ArcMate Express, an integrated Archiving management system.
  • Based in Palestine, Noursoft has three subsidiaries in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
  • Our staff consists of employees with a core development team that includes highly qualified librarians and expert software engineers.
  • Noursoft is recognized as one of the leading companies in the development of software solutions for libraries and information centers around the Arab world.
  • LibSys.net is currently in use by 110 libraries. (Partial List Available)



Our Solutions

We can summarized solutions offered by NourSoft company as the following:

  • information centers and libraries Management Solutions
  • Document management and electronic archiving solutions
  • Electronic transaction and business path solutions
  • Issues management solutions.

Our Works

The company operates mainly in Saudi Arabia by applying information and libraries management system (LibSys.Net) for many universities, some of them:

  • King Fahd Security College
  • Yanbu’ Industrial College
  • King Abdulaziz Military Faculty
  • King Saud University – Digital Library
  • Naif Arab University for Security Sciences
  • King Khalid Charitable Foundation